We sell a wide range of accessories for phones and tablets (genuine and generic). Our cases for phones range from £3.00 - £10.00 and tablets range from £5.00 - £12.00. We also sell screen protectors for the majority of phones and tablets. There are two different types of screen protectors, a standard scratch proof guard and a tempered glass. The tempered glass offers a lot better protection with a 90% success rate of saving your screen, the idea is the tempered glass will break and the screen will be left unmarked. Phone screen guards range from £1.50 - £10.00 and the tablet screen guards range from £4.00 - £15.00. We sell chargers for all different phones and tablets they range from £5.00 and go up to £20.00. These are not the only accessories we stock, there are a variety of others such as selfie sticks, car chargers, power banks, Bluetooth keyboards, memory cards, headphones, charging pads, sim card adapters, car holders, international adapters, Bluetooth speakers, charging cases, hdmi adapters etc.