We unlock the majority of phones and tablets here at Phone Fixers. We can unlock Samsung, HTC the majority of android phones usually within half an hour using our specialist software, and a minority of them we send off for a code such as Lumias, Xperias etc. We will give you a call as soon as we receive the unlock code; no need to leave the phone with us, all you need to do is insert an alternative sim that the phone isn't locked to and enter the code. iPhone's are similar when it comes to unlocking,  except to unlock the handset it isn't done via code, instead we take the IMEI (Serial) number of the phone and submit it through an official Apple server. When it has been unlocked we receive an email then we will give you a call letting you know when it is done. The final step is to insert an alternative sim card in the phone and simply follow the on screen instructions and your iPhone will be successfully unlocked worldwide.