Here at Phone Fixers we offer a warranty with our repairs and with all of our products. With the selling of phones, tablets etc, we offer a 28 day warranty which covers any faults that are not caused by accidental damage. We will only exchange our devices we will not refund. This is providing it is returned to us in the same condition as it was purchased. We also offer a 28 day warranty with our repairs (3 months for original batteries), you must retain your receipt for your warranty. Upon collection of your device, your receipt must be returned to us. Our warranty covers any faults for the part we have repaired or replaced, we are not responsible for any other faults found after the phone has left our premises. The warranty will be void if your device has been tampered with or is physically damaged, if we cannot test any functions on your device we are not liable for any faults, we are not liable for any issues caused by water damage even if they were tested in working. If the device isn't collected within 120 days it becomes our property to cover the cost of the repair.